The Taylor Swift Charitable Trust UK

This charitable trust is a non-profit irrevocable trust set up for charitable purposes in the name of its patron Global singing superstar and GODS Goodwill Ambassador TAYLOR SWIFT. It is set up and run from England. Jesus Christ the Messiah acts as chief trustee on behalf of the busiest girl in showbiz and number one in the entertainment industry, rumoured to have given over $40,000,000 to good causes TAYLOR SWIFT and under English law it is a form of express trust dedicated to charitable goals. Exempt from most taxes’ freedom is given to the trustees as the trust demonstrates both a charitable purpose and all of its work is of public benefit. Its main purposes are: – 
1) Relief of Poverty. 2) Promotion of Children’s Musical Education. 3) Promotion of Spiritual Healing. 4) Benefit of Animals. 5) Disease Abolition. 6) MK Ultra Monarch sex-kitten & Wonderland deprogramming 7) Illuminati, New World Order & Satanism; deprogramming & Exorcisms. 8) Appointment of THOTH AMUN-RARA as Creator GOD KING PHARAOH of EGYPT + Wives. (Without which NO GOVERNMENT ON EARTH CAN GOVERN WITH ANY SUCCESS.  
The trusts purposes benefit the public and not any individual and its chosen locality to offer particular help is the South East of England although a great deal of its work has a Global impact. The trust does not campaign for legal or political change although the trustees discuss political issues in a bi partisan neutral manner. The beneficiaries of the trust are represented by the Attorney General for England and Wales who as ‘parens patriae’ appears on behalf of the Crown. Any disputes arising at the trust are under the Jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice and the Charity Commission who regulate, promote and provide advice and opinions to the Trustees. It has begun life offering the NHS the cures to the diseases; DIABETES the most expensive disease in terms of cost to the NHS and the western civilization is suffering from an epidemic. MALARIA the world’s biggest killer and hopefully bringing to an end the global public health emergency declared by WHO the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION with the cure to the ZIKA VIRUS. Don’t hold back mankind’s disease-free destiny but offers of help allow us to branch out our work over a larger remit. https://taylorswifthealth.blogspot.comhttps://taylorswifttsctuk.blogspot.comhttps://tsctuk13.blogspot.com  https://tsctuknet.blogspot.com   https://tscfuk.blogspot.comhttps://tsctcouk.blogspot.com https://ts13ctuk.blogspot.com  https://taylorswiftctuk.tumblr.com  https://taylorscharity.blogspot.com    https://jesustaylorswift.tumblr.com    
Thanking you in advance. 

REF: LORD JOHN RUMARY, Chief Trustee email details: tsctuk@gmail.com    taylorswiftcharitabletrustuk@gmail.com    jesustaylorswift@gmail.com  taylorswiftcharityuk@gmail.com  

Source: youtube.com tsedit i love you taylor #taylornation  swifties taylor swift 

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